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Dental Fillings

Also known as dental restoration, it is used to repair the broken or decayed tooth. Dental Filling is the most common type of tooth repair. There are different types of dental fillings.

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About Dental Fillings

Generally we can categorize them as following:

Direct dental fillings:

Indirect dental restorations:

Most of the fillings we do these days are direct dental fillings with Composite fillings being the most frequently used ones. Direct dental fillings are done while patient is in the chair and are completed in one session. Mainly they are like a paste when placed in the tooth and turn hard by special light or by their own chemical properties.

Indirect dental fillings need impressions taking and are made in the dental laboratory. Then dentist cements them in the tooth by using a specialised cement. Mainly they are made of porcelain and last longer than direct dental fillings but are more expensive.